This is the impact that the EstilometríaTSO project has achieved in the Spanish Golden Age Theater and the Digital Humanities research community in the form of references in articles, newspapers, books, conferences, and exhibitions.

«Deconstructing the Authorship of Always helps the truth: A Play by Lope de Vega?», Alejandro García-Reidy, April 2019.

It recommends visiting the webpage.

Exhibition Lope y el teatro del Siglo de Oro in the National Library of Spain from November 28, 2018 to March 17, 2019.

The project collaborated with a dendrogram in which the authorship of Mujeres y criados is explored. Visitors were also offered the possibility of visiting the webpage.

«No hay reino como el de Dios y los mártires de Madrid», Roberta Alvita, Arte nuevo. Journal of Golden Studies, 6, pp. 90-109, 2019.

The need to apply the EstilometríaTSO analysis to the theatrical piece that analyzes is pointed out.

«Entre la historia y la leyenda. A propósito de Las dos bandoleras, comedia atribuida a Lope de Vega», Abraham Madroñal, Anuario Lope de Vega. Texto, literatura, cultura, XXV (2019), pp. 281-310.

The data provided by the project for the authorial analysis are taken into consideration.

La adúltera penitente. Edition by Fernando Rodríguez-Gallego. 2019

Data provided by the project are used to explore the authorial question.

«Rastreadores digitales en el Siglo de Oro» newspaper article published in El Norte de Castilla by Victoria M. Niño on December 23, 2018.

The project is described and the results and possibilities of the new digital tools to analyze the Golden Age theater are explored.